A Lloyd Wright Home in La Canada

Regular readers know that I am a huge fan of homes in Glendale, La Canada and La Crescenta.

Today I resume my irregular love letters to homes I adore.

1210 Journey’s End in La Canada is Lloyd Wright restoration that makes my heart sing with joy and happiness.  This is true Mid Century work of art- the home is sited to blend into the lot, not command it.

The current owners lovingly restored this home under the direction of Richard Corsini, an authority on Mid Century Architects.  Gorgeous woodwork was uncovered and restored, additional cabinets were customed made to match.  There is not a single right angle in the home, and every window and door was thoughtfully placed to maximize the view and air flow.

The grounds are also magnificent. A work of love by the current owner and created under the guidance of the Thomas Paine Foundation, the native plants are laid out in pleasing geometrics that compliment the home’s strong lines.  An enticing pottage garden is right out the kitchen door and a gorgeous reflecting pool is visible from most of the public rooms.

If a huge whack of cash were to fall on my head tomorrow I would buy this home in a heartbeat.  As this could happen at any moment, you had better beat me to it and buy it yourself.

Please enjoy these pictures… but know they are only a shadow of the real, mind blowing awesomeness, of the real thing.

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  1. Mark McGrew says:

    Lloyd Wright…OH, Kendyl, you are a temptress.

  2. Kendyl Young says:

    I know, right? You can always move back here……

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