Insider Tips for Finding The Best Homes

Regular readers will recall my 1st Quarter Housing Report for Glendale where I outlined the extremely low inventory of homes for sale.  In fact, low inventory is a problem throughout Southern California and there is a pretty large buyer pool out there.  Competition for homes is intense.

In order to get the best deal possible you have to be smarter than all the other buyers out there.  It works best when you are working as a team with your carefully chosen Realtor.

Here are my Top Insider Tips for getting the Best Home

Create a Specific Home Profile

  • Neighborhood, Price, Size, Defining Amenities like 4+ Bedrooms or Pool or City View.
  • The more specific you are the better your chances.
Have a Deadline
  • It can be a self imposed deadline, but urgency is the key to getting a home seller to act ahead of their time

Identify the Best Realtor – They Should Be:

  • Experienced
  • Of superior reputation with other Realtors in the area
  • A neighborhood expert
  • Someone who creates business (Ask them how they get new business.  If they say, “it’s all by referral” they are probably not the Realtor you need)

Craft a Strategy with Your Realtor

  • Make sure your story is specific, urgent and compelling to a potential home seller
  • Promote this story with other Realtors, targeted homes that fit the profile (your Realtor’s job) and anyone you know in the area.
  • Make sure you are completely ready with loan approval and down payment.

Is this hard work?  Yes.  I am in the middle of a project like this right now.  (Do you know of a 4+ bedroom house in the CVHS district?  My buyer is only in town, from Paris,  this week and next and we need to identify something as soon as possible so he can register his kids for school.  He made a “far above asking” offer on the house on Pinecone (listed for $715,000), but lost it in multiple offers.  If you know of anyone thinking of selling this year, please let me know)

Now that, my friends, is a specific, urgent and compelling story.  (and all true)  I’ve been knocking on doors all week telling that story and found two homes, not yet on the market, that have allowed my client to view and two Realtors who have seller willing to let my client in before the homes hit the market.

Obviously, this does not work for the, “I am waiting for the “right” house and I’ll know it when I see it” crowd.  But, if you are a real buyer who wants to buy the best house possible today, this is a winning game plan.

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  1. Tracy King says:

    Good advice, Kendyl! It certainly holds true in our Northeast Los Angeles neighborhoods as well.

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