Kendyl Asks: “How Would YOU Find a Realtor?

I talk a lot about what I think home buyers and home sellers should do.  I want to give YOU a chance to talk back.

Today I am starting a new series, “Kendyl Asks”. I am going to ask you what you would do, and you’ll tell me with a simple survey.

The next week I will give you the results of the survey- will your opinions be in the majority or the minority?  Then I will give you a little insight into whether or not your common answers will actually get you what you want!

Before I ask this week’s question I have a very fun video for you.  The Ellen Show debuted a new segment called, “Really Real Realtors”.  Let’s take a look.

Whoa.  Would you call any of those Realtors?  How much does a gimmicky picture influence your opinion on who to call?

And that leads us to this week’s question.

“How would YOU find a Realtor?”

Let’s assume you need to buy or sell today.  How would you figure out which Realtor(s) you should call?  Once you call them, how will you know which Realtor is the one for you?

My survey has just two questions.  I can’t wait to share the results with everyone.


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