When is a Glendale Home SOLD?

On Sunday I was holding my Glendale Home, 853 Omar, as an open house.  But, my seller had accepted an offer the day before the event was scheduled.

So, why would I still hold the home open?

There are two really good reasons.  First, an accepted offer is just one step in a long process of selling a Glendale Home.  We still need to get through inspection, loan, appraisal and closing escrow.   Anything can happen along the way.  By continuing to market the property I might attract a back up offer for the seller- in case the first buyer changes their mind.  The seller wins (obviously) but the second buyer also wins.  If the first buyer won’t, or can’t, close the deal, the second buyer automatically steps in as the winning buyer, securing a property that is obviously desirable.

The second reason is selfish, on my part.  Open House is a fantastic way for me to create business.  I can meet the neighbors and answer their real estate questions. I often meet potential home buyers and sellers who are stealthily “interviewing” Realtors to find one they might like to work with.  Because I am always have a few “propportunities” in my pocket, I can share a fantastic opportunity with someone and make a great deal for everyone involved.

When is  a Glendale Home SOLD?  When the escrow is closed and my seller gets paid.  At that point the Fat Lady will sing.

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