Why Buying and Selling a Home is Like Flying

I am sitting in the airport waiting area.  Waiting.  And I am thinking- flying, these days is a lot like flying.

Buying a flight ticket is confusing and frustrating.  So many websites! So much information! But how do I get the cheapest flight to the place I want when I want?  This is like shopping for homes on the internet- information overwhelm, but you hope that by searching, yourself, you’ll get a deal.

The TSA, with all of it’s arcane security rules that do not appear consistent or logical is very similar to the loan process.  So is the sense of helplessness and frustration.

Once you get to your gate, inevitably, the flight is delayed- but you hope it is not cancelled. This is like being in escrow- the close of escrow is often delayed and you hope it does not cancel!

So, what do I take from this?

It is not all bad, especially if I control what I can and trust the professionals where I can’t. Could I do better security?  Maybe.  But the TSA wil get me out of there and, in the grand scheme of things, the bad is not all that bad.

So it is with the loan process.  It is all a matter of perspective.

Coud I hire a travel agent to cut through the red tape and information overload? Absolutely!  But information is not the same thing as knowledge and experience.  Like a travel agent, a Realtor is an important way to make sense of the vast tides of information out there.  A Realtor and a travel agent will apply that information to you and your priorities- with a much better outcome.

Those are my thoughts- waiting here at LAX for a delayed flight to SFO. I am at a convention of fellow geeks this week, so posts may be sporadic. Have a good one!Waiting at LAX


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