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Work with Me

You, who are my regular readers, know that I do not like to “sell”. I believe that I will create more business for myself if I concentrate on bringing high value information to you, my readership.

Today, however, is a commercial.

I had a not unusual experience, at my open house last week. An interested buyer told me that she has been getting my emails and has been following my blog for nearly a year. She complimented me on my excellent information.

But she did not call me when it came time to find a Realtor to help her to buy. Instead, she wound up working with a Realtor she met at an open house.

Would she have called me if I had loudly and repeatedly “sold” myself in my marketing pieces? Sadly, I think she would have, but that is not the type of Realtor I choose to be.

Folks, I put my heart and soul into this blog. I believe you, the consumer, are demanding a higher level of professionalism and real estate knowledge so that you can make more informed decisions. And, I believe I am giving you that in depth knowledge here, at Kendyl’s Open House.

I have no intention of becoming a characature in order to attract your business. But, I am asking for it.

Work with me because I deliver timely information & thoughtful analysis. Work with me because you like the way I communicate and you think you would be comfortable talking with me. Work with me because I can sell your house for more money, in a shorter period of time with the least amount of inconvenience to you (here are my stats to prove it)

If you like the content I bring to Kendyl’s Open House, work with me. I am pretty sure you will be glad you did. My clients sure are. (client reviews)

Here’s what I would love to know.  What could I do, on this blog, that would compel you to call me when you need the help of a Realtor?  Please leave your comments. I truly want to know.

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