Can I Get a Hug?

Kids playingBuying or selling a home is a financial transaction.  It is a business deal and, as Realtors, we are hired to make money for our clients.

But money is not everything… and, sometimes, it isn’t even the most important.

I have noticed  some Realtors see their job as being the calming influence- keeping their client’s eyes on the financial goal.  They seek to strip out every ounce of personal connection, every emotion.  Numbers are the only factor- do they add up, or not?

Their negotiating style can feel like blunt force trauma.

Other Realtors understand they must work hard to manage expectations and tame emotions, but they understand that the asset at stake is a personal residence.  It is a place of great personal emotion.

Their negotiating style can feel like a hug.

The very best Realtors know when to use each tool to their clients best advantage.  But, even when it is all about the numbers, they make it feel like a hug.

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