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Carin Carin
What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Carin Hoffman from Orange County. Lived in Los Angeles for 20 years and La Crescenta for 8.5 years.  I have two kids at La Crescenta Elementary who are 8 and 10. I am always trying to recruit people to move to La Crescenta because I want to have a neighborhood of cool people.
What is your background and how does that help your clients?
My background is in fashion design and entertainment industry.  I worked as a casting agent in many TV shows where I traveled around the country engaging people in conversation- often convincing them that they were perfect for the show I was casting.  It gave me great communication skills that are useful in working with clients and brokers alike and it also helped me to be a much better negotiator.  As a casting director I couldn’t know what show a person fit into until I really got to know who they were.  That allowed me to find where that person’s personality matched a show that I was casting for… or not.  Then I had to communicate that to them so that they understood.  Finding this point of commonality- between a person’s personality and the show we were doing- was a unique skill that really helps me in real estate.  I know how to make people feel comfortable so that I can really get to know them and then match them with a house that really fits them.
Why did you decide to make real estate your career?
I wanted to do something that makes use of my creative skills and experience.  I’ve always loved design and helping people and I wanted to somehow reach out and impact my community.  Real estate allows me to fulfill this goal. I love people and finding their dream home. I love making people happy.  I love finding the perfect home for my buyers.  I like design and I like talking to people, I like helping people with their dreams…I work with a lot of first time home buyers.  I can see the potential of a house with my design background.  I can help them see how a house can be what they want and need!
Do you have a special skill, talent or language that will help a DIGGS client
I have a great eye for design
What is your most unusual hobby experience or life experience?
I can tap dance and karaoke at the same time to Cher’s “Do You Believe”.  My goal is to own an organic urban farmwith chickens, goats and pigs.  I already have three chickens and I want a goat!

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