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I gotta be me...

Today’s musings come from answering my coach’s question of the day,

What message am I sending the world through the living of my life?

At some level I have always known I was extraordinary. But not in an “American Idol” sense of the word, more in a “no one seems to be like me” sort of way.

For most of my life that just left me feeling lonely and on the outside of things. I didn’t feel “less than” as an outsider. Simply not a part of things. I didn’t realize until much later that this is the normal human experience.

In college I felt powerful. Like I could do anything… and I did. But I had a story. The story was that I was young and not yet grown up. Someday, I would be grown up and manifest my potential. For 50 years I held out for that “someday”.

I was so blind to how this story was blocking me!! For 50 years I expected that I would know I was grown up because I would have achieved the results of fulfilling my potential. This was a results-oriented way of thinking and completely backward.   Instead, I had to lose that story and just go for it, BE myself and damn the results showing up or not. In other words, lean into my process of being great and forget about the results entirely!!!!

Which leads me to the original question. What message am I sending the world through the living of my life?

In this fabulous and amazing second half of my life I am sending the message that living a passion, daring to be ME and being in the spotlight and liking it is a good thing. I am showing the world that I am a committed idealist with every word and action. These words and actions are geared toward making my industry a better place for the consumer and I am pouring my resources into connecting people together as a community.  If I succeed the result will be money, but money is not the goal.

Perhaps that is the message I am sending to the world. I am living my life with a passion to make a difference. Money is the byproduct.

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