Sushi Manster

Day 2- Have Dinner at Sushi Manster

Today is Thursday and all my clients know Thursday is Mommy Night… real estate is verboten.  On Mommy Night we always start with a great dinner at some local favorite place, tonight it was Sushi Manster in Montrose.

How do I love Manster?  Let me count the ways.  The space, located on the Library end of Montrose Shopping Village is charming and very family oriented.  The tables are comfortably close to each other and you are likely to see someone you know (it is a major neighborhood favorite) and meals can turn into mini parties.  There are also a few sidewalk tables.  The wait staff is efficient, knowledgeable and very attentive.  Some people (**ahem** husband, are you reading this?) might like the large TV tuned into the sport’s d’jour, but I like watching the sushi chef slicing and arraigning at the counter.

Daily offerings are posted on the blackboard at the front of the restaurant and there are often some very imaginative selections.  I,  however, am a bit of a traditionalist and I prefer the regular menu.  This menu just went through a change and I am just now adjusting.. but there is a lot more than the usual teriaki combos and tempura this and that.  Try the Chicken Curry Udon– a satisfying combination of curry, udon broth and those slippery, toothy, udon noodles.  Or, for the more adventurous- try the Salmon Skin Salad, delicious!

I am in love with the Manster No. 1.  5 pieces of the chef’s best (Omakase) sashimi and a bowl of  those udon noodles with 2 tempura  shrimp.  Manster No. 2 is pictured above… I’ve learned that my eyes are bigger than my tummy and I just can’t all of that lovely fishyness in one sitting (sigh).

Sushi Manster is a true neighborhood hang out, where the waitress remembers who you are and what you like.  From time to time, she might even treat you to some ice cream on the house…  What’s not to love?

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