Day #10- Take Dad to Brunch at Dish

On Day 10 in 365 Things To Do in Glendale you should take Dad to Brunch at Dish in La Canada.

I am doing my Sunday post on a Saturday because you might want to plan this one a bit a head.

Mea Culpa.  Dish is, in fact, in La Canada.  On the other hand, this is Sunday and that means going out to breakfast.  Breakfast, in these here parts, means Dish- billed by as “the best breakfast restaurant in LA”.  It says so on their website.

The main dining room is an open, airy space filled with comfy banquettes and sunlite tables.  The banquettes feature their own toasters- because nothing is better than warm toast to melt the dairy fresh butter that melds together with Dish’s famous fresh strawberry preserves.  Breakfast offerings are varied and imaginative, but I all OVER the omelets and scrambles.  Try the Brie Cheese and Applewood Smoked Bacon omelet and tell me if you just died and gone to cholesterol heaven.  Ok, bad joke and there are low cal and healthy offerings.  (but… what up?!! It’s Father’s Day.  Live it up)

Here’s the full Breakfast Menu.

I strongly suggest you get here as early as you can roll Dad out of bed. There are some seriously linage out the front door on even a normal Sunday.  On the other hand, the shakers and movers of La Canada are likely to be lounging about.  Who knows what deals can be struck whilst in a caffeine deprived daze?

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