Black Cow Cafe

Day 4- Breakfast at Black Cow Cafe

True confessions- I did not grow up with the traditional American’s idea of breakfast.  I still think the best possible breakfast is leftover dinner over rice.  In college I discovered, amongst a whole bunch of things best not mentioned here, that eggs, bacon, potatoes and strong coffee are awesome.

There might be a “best breakfast in LA” place up the road, but I prefer the Black Cow.  The space is at once warm and intimate yet vibrant and buzzing with all sort of neighbor “hey-how-are-ya-doing-s” going on.  If you go late enough to get caught in a wait list, no fear- the Montrose Farmer’s Market is going on right outside.

The best tables, natch- are on the sidewalk because your entire world is going to walk past and say “hi”.

Service is uniformly good and the coffee is strong,  hot and frequently filled.  Service perfection in my book.

I would love to tell you what is on the menu. But  I can’t.  For me, there is only one thing to eat.  The “corn flake encrusted french toast OMG”.  It is possible that might even be the official title.  I can’t even tell you what it is like with out being inappropriate.  That good.

Come early, come late, but come to the Black Cow you must.  I’ll be sure to say, “Hey!  How ya doing?”

Black Cow Cafe
2219 Honolulu Avenue
Montrose, Ca

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