365 Things To Do in Glendale, Ca

Day 6- Attend a Street Feast!

Have you heard all the buzz about the Gor-Met Food trucks rolling about town?  Seems like you can get all manner of high falutin’ eats from what used to be considered the lowest form of eatery- the erstwhile Roach Coach.

No more, my Chillluns.  The Food truck started it’s meteoric rise with the Koigi Truck (tried it?  Oh, yeah, it’s that good) and it’s success exploded the entire genre.  There are food trucks that serve all manner of ethnic, fusion, gourmet, down home, regional and just plain weird.  The probelm, of course, is where are those darn trucks?

Well, today you can find a goodly assortment at the Americana from 6-9 PM.  Love Mr. Caruso or hate him- I make no statements in this space- the man (or his minions) knows how to throw down an event.  I don’t know about this street sale part, but the food?  I am all over it, baby!!!!

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