Boulevard 34 – Anna Lopez

What is your name, your business and where are you located?
Anna Lopez, Blvd. 34  On Oceanview next to Berolina’s Bakery
Tell me about how you started.
I worked at great shop in Sherman oaks that specialized in local and handmade gifts.  I fell in love with the concept.  When they decided to retire and close the business I saw a real opportunity.  I was already working on a business plan for my “someday” business, so I decided to seize the day and open my own shop, using their concept, NOW.   It was really scary, I was out of a job and I had not yet built up a large savings…but when one door closes, another door opens.  The closing of the place in Sherman Oaks really kicked me into gear.
Why does your business exist?
I wanted to do something that contributed to the community and that meant something to myself and to the community.  Specifically Montrose, because I grew up here and love it.  I’ve travelled a lot and grew to understand and appreciate how great Montrose is.
Describe your fan.
Someone who appreciates the Buy Local movement, shopping for a cause and helping the community by Buying Local.  They tend to be for women between 30-55, they are fun, have a sense of humor, appreciative of handmade items.  They are loyal- they will think to shop with us before going to Target. The want something faster and easier than that.
What do you do that a big box biz can’t?
We can pick and choose our items based on or core group of customers that we know are going to be shopping here.  We buy according things according to their taste.  The inventory is inspiring and even surprising to the core customer. I also think we develop a trust relationship with our customer.  They grow to trust that we will have things they like and in their budget, that our suggestions are ones that work out well for them and that we don’t blow smoke up, well, you know where.
What is one thing about you that no one really knows about
People assume that since I am young that I don’t have a lot of experience.  But I have 8 years experience in corporate retail, been a Realtor for 4 years, travelled Europe and the world for 3 months and lived in Australia for a year.  Because it was beautiful.
What is the funniest/craziest thing that ever happened in your business
Our first winter at Boulevard was FREEZING.  We could not figure out how to turn on the heat.  The landlord tried to fix it and couldn’t.  He finally sent a heating contractor to fix the darn thing….. and he told us we had not turned on the gas.  OOPS.   Another adventure happen because we were being rebellious.  The city does not allow balloons on exterior signs.  We decided , the heck with that, we’re going to use balloons anyway!  In the evening we brought the sign inside the shop, balloons and all.  That night the alarm went bezerk and we had to haul ourselves down here thinking we had just had a break in.  It wasn’t.  The balloons had cut loose and set off the motion detector.  Karma.  She’ll get you, every time.

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