Cool New Shop in the Glendale Galleria

I admit…. Holidays+Malls+Hoards of People = Shudder of Horror.  Consequently, I have not been past Target at the Galleria in a looong time.

But….. Teens+Christmas+Tons of Family= many, many gift cards burning a hole in said teen’s pockets.  Off to shopping go we.  (Criticize not my grammar.  Yoga speaking we indulge)

Amongst the usual faceless, soulless retailers, however, there is a new jewel…

Local Collection

Located across from the Nordstrom’s entrance and buried behind the escalator is a new shop called Local Collection.  This is a shop featuring 25 local Los Angeles designers and there is everything from apparel to art to sculpture to accessories.

The cool thing?  The cool thing is that this shop is set up and operated by the “evil” General Growth- the managers of the Galleria and the primary opponents to the Americana.  I make no statement on what this means.  I just think it is a fun tidbit.

I would really like to get an interview with the manager… there could be an interesting back story- wonder if they will tell?

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