Day 13- Lunch at Cafe Bravo!

Day 13 in 365 Things To Do in Glendale, Ca finds us having a terrific lunch at Cafe Bravo- the best fast food in town, IMHO.  (this means, “in my humble opinion” in text speak.  As a mom of two teens, I am subject to their vernacular!)

This is a “not quite a hole in the wall” on the corner of Grandview and Glenoaks Blvd.   Their specialty is Chicken Kebob- but they have a full complement of kebobs and lovely sides that are served up fresh, hot and really quick.

I almost always go for the Chicken Kebob sandwich- a full kebob skewer wedged between delish Armenian bread (yummy, slightly toasted, yeasty bread) with tomatos and cilantro.  The faintly garlicy spread is a subtle note rather than the “knock you over the head” garlic spread of the competition.  At $4.65 for a sandwich as long as my forearm, we are talking bargain, here, folks!

If you go for the plate specials, you get the kebob, basmati rice or salad and 2 sides.  The sides deserve special note.  The Tabuli (a salad made with parsley, tomato and bulger wheat),  hummus and potato salad are all outstanding.  However, my favorite (I always get 2 helpings) is the eggplant caviar.  Cool, savory and delicious- I just never get tired of it.

If you go at noon during the week, be prepared or a line that goes out of the front door.  It goes fast, and you should not have to wait more than15 minutes to get to the register.  If you want to avoid the lines, get there before 11:30 AM

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