Day 19- Fish King!!!!!!!!

Day 19 in 365 Things To Do In Glendale, Ca finds me at one of my all time favorite places to eat in Glendale- Fish King on Glendale Ave. (Hence, the exclamation marks)

A Glendale institution for 60 years, there is simply no better fish monger in town, or, for that matter, anywhere nearby.  The fish is all top quality, responsibly harvested stock and much of it is sushi grade.

Fish King also brings in seasonal specials; soft shell crab, lobster and free range turkeys become available for short periods and are advertised on their website and on white paper “posters” (hand done by “Boss Man” Hank Kagawa himself) on the front door.

The galley is MY personal fav.  Crunch fish and fried zucchini.  Little chicken drumettes and the imaginative, Japanese inspired deli salads and specials.  (Ever been to a pot luck in Hawaii or, say, Gardena?  Yeah, they have all that stuff).  And then.  And then.  OH!! Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Shrimp Roll, California Roll.  (this is sushi talk, y’all) I crave this stuff because it is so good- the best anywhere.

One more obsession.  The Chinese Chicken Salad in the refrigerated case to your left as you enter the store.  Puh-lease!  That salad is just like love in a plastic box.  I defy anyone, no matter how un-Asian you might be, to try it and not love it.

If you haven’t been to the Fish King you are missing out.  Hurry down there this minute- you’re mouth will thank you.

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