Fireworks for the Frugal and the Flush (with cash)

Fireworks for the Frugal and the Flush So- what are you going to do this fourth of July? It seems like everyone I know is leaving town for some water based fun filled vacation.

I however, shall stay behind to man the forts! I have a pool, a cold drink, my family and my knitting. Nothing more is needed.

Except fireworks. I love fireworks. Most years I watch the local fireworks show at La Crescenta Elementary. For a paltry $5 entry fee you get a wonderful small town event- food trucks, live music, carnival rides and an air of congenial conviviality hard to find anywhere else. Gates open at 4pm and tickets are first come first serve basis.

Penny pinchers can watch the fireworks from many spots along Foothill Blvd.  A favorite is the Office Depot parking lot- there is a little finger that extends along the left hand side of the building.  Easy in- easy out, but you will miss out on the food trucks.

One step up in price and amenities is the Mac Daddy Fireworks show at the Rosebowl Americafest.  At $13 bucks a head + $20 for parking,  I have actually never been inside for this show.  However, this is considered the premier show  in the local area and they have a whole Family Festival thing outside the stadium starting at 2PM.  This year the pre-show line up includes a performance by DCI Phantom Regiment.  I am an old Drum Corps alumni, so this is almost enough to sway me in this direction.  Almost.

Penny Pinchers can catch the fireworks (which start at 9:05- I have no idea what’s up with the :05 bit) from a number of different vantage points along the rim of the bowl.   I am allergic to traffic, so I favor the east side of the bowl near the top.  Exit the 210 at Windsor or Arroyo and travel south on N. Arroyo Blvd.  to approx. Howard or Del Monte.

Other, nearby, shows include the  Burbank Fireworks are at the Starlight Bowl and the free Fireworks show at Hanson Dam.

And then there is the non-penny pinchers fireworks show at the Hollywood Bowl. Dudes, you know you are in trouble when it takes 5 minutes of clicking around to find out how much moola these tickets will set you back ($282 for two adults- and this does not include parking, y’all).  This is no hometown BBQ with some sparklers.  This is a full fledged concert with a full orchestra, pretty (but aging) boys Daryl Hall and John Oates and spectacular fireworks.

If any of you are flush with cash and go to this extravaganza, report back to us plainer folks, ‘kay?

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