My Week in Glendale

The week started with the Broker’s Caravan in La Canada and La Crescenta. This rooftop succulent garden is in the uber cool Rock Row of Eagle Rock.
Rock Row in Eagle Rock

I saw this cool sconce in north Glendale.  Very Rococo doncha think?  I love little details like this.
Cool Sconce in Glendale

In another house, on caravan, I saw a good example of a less than optimal staging..  At least this stuff is contained in one room…

Where Old Lady Stuff Accumulates

You guys know how much I love food. This is the Chicken Cesar Wrap at Sidewalk Cafe- it is my current favorite lunch. It helps that the smart folks at Sidewalk Cafe installed free Wifi.

Cesar Chicken Salad at Sidewalk Cafe

I spend time, every week, visiting people in Glendale and bringing the best Real Estate information and news of the week. I see great stuff everyday- this is the best courtyard entry, ever!
Most Excellent Courtyard Entry

On Wednesday I get to tour the new listings in Glendale, proper. The prettiest was in the Rossmoyne Hills over on Melwood. This is a little bit of Magical Heaven with an East Coast vibe. Here is a cool detail- vintage stone steps leading to ?

Magical Hardscape

Thursday I showed property to a relocation client. They are looking for a lovely place to call home during the harsh East Coast winters- I can’t think of a better place than So. Cal! Can you? Here is an amazing vintage picture tile over a fireplace in a California Bungalow. Magnificient!
Picture Tile in a Bungalow

Hope your week was just as colorful. Have a great Holiday week, keep safe and enjoy the amazing weather!

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  1. Susan Smeltzer says:

    I love this! Great photos! 🙂

  2. Kendyl says:

    Thanks, Susan- it something that makes me happy!

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