Realtors See The Strangest Things!

A Realtor friend of mine posted the question on Facebook, “What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen in a home?”

As this was one of the most entertaining threads I’ve read in a while, I thought I would share- I can’t keep all the fun to myself!

There are as many lifestyles are there are lives…

…firearms and ammo everywhere, pornography strewn about, and marijuana (pretty sure that’s what it was) and paraphanilia sitting on the coffee table

Handcuffs and toys and neither occupant was a police officer!

Let’s not forget the drugs, arsenal and cash I found another time

Guest bedroom had a stage, pole and a disco ball

‎3 platforms with poles in the basement with couches all around them

The closet was filled with Cat o’ Nines, spiked cuffs and collars plus the largest jar of Vaseline I have ever seen.  The book shelves were filled with “interesting” titles that I had not encountered in my public library.

Dance pole, viewing windows and bolts in the ceiling for restraints

A sex swing hanging from a bedroom along w wipes hanging on the wall

And a stripper pole in the bedroom otherwise described as an exercise apparatus in listing.

As a nation, we tend to a bit hung up on nudity…. but all is fair in a person’s home….

Two ceramic pieces, one waist up and one full length lying on her side nude art pieces of the sellers 20 year old daughter who was showing us around the house. Made for a very strange showing.

… gay porn professional photos ALL over the house.

Nudists not ready for a showing!

ginormous budoir photos of the seller throughout a home.

a large format color photo “portrait” of the lady of the house, taken by her husband, squatting, and fully exposed

As a nation, we love our pets!  They are members of the family- but some people take that further than others…

a bedroom with several cages for the pigs, and the pigs were in ’em

2 Blue and Gold Macaws walking around

There was a live and loose big ass boa constrictor that I almost stepped on whole turning on lights for my buyers…

A pot bellied pig 🙂

oh, and lovebirds… NOT in a cage – they made their extra bedroom their “room” – yeah… your imagination can’t even come close to this scene…

Decor is a very personal thing…

A life-size Hannibal Lecter statue staring right at us as we walked into the basement.

a life size suit of armour!

A one man red submarine

Skeletons and Ouiji Boards were the decorating theme

A bronze, life-size horse in the living room

And so are cleanliness standards…

So many dead bugs you couldn’t see the floor. The entire basement floor had about 1/2 inch of dead bgs and it smelled like something had died.

Most frightening: three foot strands of mold hanging from basement ceiling. Ewwww….

And, then, there are the “surprises”…

the teenage boyfriend hiding in the closet…oops!

someone in the shower was the strangest thing I have ever seen..

A naked guy in the basement

…upon entering the basement level that was unfinished, except for one room which we thought was a storage area, I entered that room (without knocking) to find a couple in bed in a “compromising” position.

Naked tenant passed out on the couch. We just put a pizza box over his junk and kept showing the home.

I love my job!

I see the loveliest and most outstanding homes and gardens, and meet the most amazing people. Along the way I reminded that human beings are infinitely unique and special.

That being said, if your home is on the market- it might be wise to hide the **insert item of your imagination** 😉

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