Restaurants in Glendale: Cafe Sole

Located next to the La Canada movie theater and sandwiched between a Chinese fast food and a Starbuck’s, Cafe Sole is not one you would think of as great dining.  But it is.  The price point is a notch below it’s romantic counter-part, Divina Cucina, but the food is almost it’s equal.  I consider this restaurant one of my “everyday go-to” places to eat.  Make sure you ask about the daily specials.

If I order off the regular menu I love the Chicken Piccata.  The only problem is that I love it so much I almost never have any left to take home.

I rarely (ok never) make reservations and there is always room for me, but if you want to sit in the charming front patio, reservations are a must.

1929 Verdugo Rd.

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