Takes a Village Kids – Gigi Garcia

What is your name, your business and where are you located?
Gigi Garcia, Takes a Village Kids- located on Honolulu across from the BofA and next door to the candy store
Tell me about how you started.
I was ready to retire as a stage manager, I managed for professional theater, and I had always wanted to open a shop on Honolulu.  When I was in high school I worked in a lot of retail and at one point I was the department head for Children’s Polo at Dillards.  So kids was something I had a background in.
Why does your business exist?
I felt there was a need for a store just for kids. I’ve always enjoyed dressing children- my own as well as other people’s.  Montrose because I live in the area and it is a quaint little town, full of community.  My kids went to Fremont and I just really felt like I really knew my potential customer and what they wanted and needed… I talked to those Moms and kids every day!
Describe your fan.
My fan is kids and parents that enjoy fashion and looking hip.  They enjoy giving great, one of a kind gifts.  I want kids to walk out of here feeling good- having picked out an outfit that really reflects their own personality.  We don’t do cookie cutter clothes, we don’t do GrrrAnimals here!!  I’ll put two prints together that freak out adults, but the kids totally rock the look and they feel awesome!
What do you do that a big box biz can’t?
I feel like I have one of a kind brands you can’t find in a department store.  I picked out some affordable European brands that you don’t see in a big box store. Or, really, anywhere else.  I do free gift wrapping.  I also feel I really get to know my customer, I know their likes and dislikes.  At this point I have quite a few regular customers and, frankly, they are now my friends.
What is one thing about you that no one really knows about
People don’t believe that I am a full blooded Mexican.  Garcia is actually my maiden name.  I was a professional stage manager for 20 years. I travelled with Hershey Felder (a world class pianist who is also married to the former Prime Minister of Canada).  The funny thing is I managed these classic music performances… but I don’t read music.  I would call all my cues by ear, I would listen once and be able to call the cues after that.
What is the funniest/craziest thing that ever happened in your business
On Christmas Eve I was getting ready to close and go to church… and looked down and saw a huge amount of water.  I immediately cancelled my trip to church, called in all of my family and dashed off to OSH for a wet vac.  Then, I was apologizing to my next-door neighbor only to find that he also had a flood in his shop!  We found out there was a plug in the main line.  Our landlord came with a plumber, Christmas Day, and had it all fixed.  That was a Christmas day to remember!

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