The Most Amazing Movie Experience… Ever

Lee Ziff, Kendyl Young, Dallas Raines

Lee Ziff, Kendyl Young, Dallas Raines

Last week I was invited to an opening week event at Gold Class Cinema in Pasadena.  All I can say is, “wow”.

Seeing a movie at Gold Class is like flying First Class on Virgin Atlantic.  It starts from the entry- no sticky concessions thick with crowds of pimply faced teens… NO.  The entry feels like you are entering an exclusive Members Only sort of club with thick carpet, dark woods and well dressed staff.

After you’ve purchased your tickets and made your menu selections, you descend into this uber hip Las Vegas lounge scene.  There is a full bar, hip lighting, soft techno-funk music and intimate seating arrangements perfect for romantic canoodling and Very Important networking conversations.   Honestly, I felt a bit frumpy in my comfortable and oh, so sensible, shoes- but I got away with it.  We had drinks and the staff passed some of the best hor d’ourves I’ve had anywhere.  This was a good sign in my book.

The staff guided us to our theater.  We had the whole thing to ourselves, all 24 seats in a space that normally holds, maybe 80 or 100 at your average mega-plex.  The seats were in pairs and would seat a person 2.5 times my width comfortably.  The seat reclined to nearly flat, had a raised foot rest (Lazy Boy, eat your heart out) and a lovely table in between to hold your food and drink.  Attendants were on call at the literal push of a button to get you additional food, drinks as well as blankets or pillows.

A little bit after the movie started attendants started bringing our pre-ordered food and drink.  They were unobtrusive and flawless.  The food- gourmet quality Ahi Wraps, Roast Beef Sliders and a Sweet Shot for desert was delicious and the cost was on par with your average hotel prices.

What did I see?  Men Who Stare At Goats.  A complete giggle-fest.  I’m not sure everyone will get the tongue in cheek, the jokes on “the man” sort of humor- but I enjoyed myself completely.  I’m quirky that way.

I am hooked.  While I am too practical to make this an everyday thing, it is the perfect night out.   It is also one of the very few reasons I would go to a theater to see a movie, rather then see it at home. You simply have to try this, you’ll thank me for it.

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