The Most Expensive Homes in Glendale

Do you remember “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”? I really loved Robin Leach and his over the top description of lavish homes and his rather salacious, panting delivery style.

While I am neither panting nor salacious, I do love a great home. In this video I give you the most expensive homes that sold in Glendale last year. There is everything from the historic and iconic Clock Tower home to a stunning Mid Century renovation.

No time to watch a whole video? I gotcha covered! Click here to see a report with all the glorious pictures and home details.

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  1. Drew Matich says:

    Thanks Kendyl!! Great homes. If you can, go w/o the glasses next time…all I could see was a bright reflection of the computer monitor.

  2. Kendyl says:

    Oh, man. I’ll try. I am gettin on in years and the reading thing is HARD! Thanks for the feedback, though. Totally appreciated.

  3. Drew Matich says:

    We’ve met (right down the street at that mid-century Mountain St. house that you listed…we bought a few doors down at the same time)!! You’re not getting too far on in years yet. OK. Start without them, then put them on when you cut away to the monitor and start reading the details.

  4. Kendyl says:

    Yep- reviewed after reading your comment. You are totally right. Also, the vid was really hard to see in the blog. clear if full screen.. but bad in page, right? I am going to try something on the next vid. Stay tuned and thanks for caring! (I remember you, btw)

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