‘Tis Glorious to Live in Glendale!

Every Saturday the girls and I take a hike.  7am to 9am, pretty much without fail.  The amazing hikes within a 20 minute drive from Glendale are mind boggling!

Here are some of our favorites.

Echo Mountain.  Located at the top of Lake Ave., this is our most frequent hike.  The trail is a great balance of steep and flat and the trail is meticulously maintained by Trail Boss Mark and his motley crew of dedicated volunteers.  There is a lot of history along the way and I wrote a detailed post here.

This is me with my new trekking poles and boots.  I used to think poles were for Geezers and wimps- but one hike and I am convinced.  Poles rock.

Another frequent hike is the Beaudry Loop.  Accessed on Beaudry Terrace, right where the debris basin meets the street.  I think this one is harder- but we don’t all agree.

While not as lush as Echo, the Beaudry Loop offers amazing vistas of the Verdugo Valley.

Last week we did part of the Mt. Wilson hike.  The trail we took started in Sierra Madre and we went as far as Orchid Camp.   This is, far and away, the most beautiful hike that we have done.  Lush vistas, amazing wildflowers, the sound of running water was everywhere and we crossed 2 waterfalls.  We even saw a California Brown Newt.

This is just a tiny sample of the bounty available.  What is YOUR favorite hike?

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