Trader Joe’s In Montrose Opens

I thought I would see the lei cutting ceremony at Trader Joe’s this morning. I figured it would be a quiet affair- a few friends from our neighborhood Facebook group, a city official or two- heck, maybe I’d get to say “hi” to John Drayman. It could happen.

I was completely unprepared for the excited throng of people gathered in front of the store by 7:45 AM. Don’t tell the Wells Fargo manager, but I snuck into their lot because the TJ lot was packed. Everyone was so happy and excited. No more schlepping up or down the hill for my Trader Joe’s Belgium Chocolate Pudding!

I chatted up Trader Joe employee Heather early this morning during my so-called run. She is very excited to be part of the opening crew. She lobbied for eight months to get on staff at this store and she says the whole crew is very excited to be serving Montrose.

After the obligatory speeches by Najarian and Weaver (nice job, guys) the manager said how excited they all were and then we all got to enter. Lovely fabric leis were draped around our necks while a steel drum and keyboard played reggae. People danced (reason enough to see my video. The old dude was awesome!) and chatted with neighbors and everyone was just darn happy.

Yes, the traffic both in and out was horrendous. But the staff was on top of it and check out lines moved swiftly and it seemed like drivers took the jam in stride. I predict that things will smooth out in a few weeks.

Enjoy the video!

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