Why I Love Living in Glendale, Ca

I had the most delightful encounter in Brand Park today.

I was shooting some video for my new listing in Northwest Glendale when I came across this lovely family having a little barbeque.

Why I Love Living in Glendale

This is Anton, Vienetta, Nicolette and Seropa-  I am hoping I got their names right (or even close).  Anton had the day off and they were just out to enjoy a steller spring day in the park.

I was shooting my video when I heard, “would you like some barbecue?”  I turned and Vienetta was motioning me over, while grabbing Anton with the other hand, as he had a hot skewer of chicken all ready to eat.

Truthfully, I was in a hurry- I almost always am- but how can I turn down an offer of food?  My culture (Chinese) and the Armenian culture; we both revolve around family and food.  To refuse would be the very height of boorishness and an insult to these friendly people.

So, I stopped my busy day and had a bite to eat (heavenly!).  We traded some life stories and a recipe or two.  We danced a little (hey, I can get a little Middle Eastern dance thing going) and we laughed and laughed.  Seropa (the Mom) doesn’t speak English and I can only say “how are you” and “thank you” in Armenian – but that didn’t stop us from feeling like friends.

All told I had the best 20 minutes that I’ve had in ages.  I can only hope that I will be privileged to spend time with them again.

There are those who would like to focus on the difficulties of living around people of a different culture.

I want to focus on delicious food, fascinating stories and the amazing people that are part of ANY population.

That’s why I love living in Glendale.  How about you?

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