FB_AvatarWell, I’ve finally gone and done it.  I am opening my own real estate office, and I am calling it DIGGS.

What is DIGGS?

One of my funnier friends said, “what is DIGGS?  Is it an acronym? Someone’s name?  I don’t get it!”

DIGGS is a play on the 1950’s slang for someone’s home, as in,  “Wow.  You’ve got some cool digs, Man!”.  It is also a positive adjective or verb, as in, ” I totally dig it!”.  The name feels playful, bold and cool- just like me.

And, I have to admit, the opportunity for endless puns is certainly part of the appeal…..

Why didn’t you name it Kendyl Young Real Estate?

Because that is so not cool, so not playful.  Also, the foundation of my idea is that my brand is NOT about me.  It is about my clients, and for my clients.

What does, “a division of Dilbeck Real Estate” mean?

First and foremost, Dilbeck Real Estate is utterly amazing.  I could not ask for a better partner than it’s CEO, Mark Dilbeck.  He is a prince among men and a true visionary.  Dilbeck understands that the real estate business is changing, but he can’t ditch the current business model and leave thousands of experienced professionals by the wayside.

Mark is supporting me in creating a better business model for the buyers and sellers of today.  I will operate DIGGS as a sort of Seal Team of Realtors.

At the same time, the DIGGS client will have the peace of mind that Dilbeck Real Estate is behind us, legally and financially.  It is the absolute best of all worlds, and the DIGGS client is the ultimate winner.

What’s so different about DIGGS?

This is the hard part to articulate.  I feel that traditional real estate companies are built to service the needs of the agents, not the client.  But, the agent is not looking out for the client, either.   Unfortunately, there is absolutely no bar to entry in the real estate world.  Many, if not most, Realtors are poorly trained and inexperienced.  Many are so desperate to find a deal, any deal, they are unable to give great counsel.

And, a Big Name Agent is also no guarantee of a good experience- their business is often driven by the magnitude of their personality, not their skill set as a great real estate agent.

So, how can a client figure out who they can trust?

There are a handful of truly great Realtors out there- I like to think I am one of them.  These Realtors are experienced and unpressured to “make a deal”.  They have no interest in being the HUGE name on the block, but they often enjoy large business volume.  Each deal is a personal commitment to the family they represent, and the priority is to keep chaos and drama to a minimum while achieving the desired goal- the purchase or sale of a great house.

This is what DIGGS represents

My personal business has grown beyond what I handle by myself, and it is time to expand. I am committed to creating agents who have the tools, training and expertise to deliver the same experience I do.  Because of this, the DIGGS client is better educated, more prepared, less stressed and more in control of the process than any other buyer or seller.

They also have more fun.

DIGGS is also deeply committed to community.  We plan to find a space where we can showcase local artists- hold artist’s receptions, display and sell the art.  We plan to donate a portion of the proceeds to local non- profits.

DIGGS is committed to excellence.  Our motto: “Good enough…. isn’t”

Stay Tuned…

We have a long way to go to realize our vision.  We need to find a space- we are currently looking in the Montrose Village.

We need to find an apprentice to train.  If you know of anyone who believes living a life fueled by passion is the key to success, send them my way.  My goal is to teach this person how to do real estate – the DIGGS way.

We need to get the word out.  Visit our Facebook Page and become part of our tribe.   Share the page with others who love a passion filled journey.

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  1. Stephaie Younger says:

    Kendyl, thank you for laying it all out so beautifully! I digg it!

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