Montrose Patch Hiking Club Takes a Hike


Yesterday I abandoned my usual hiking ladies for the inaugural hike of the Montrose Patch Hiking Club. Our intrepid leader, Tanya, decided on the Deukmejian Wilderness area for the first meeting and it was simply magical.  I have not done this area before and I was completely surprised at how lush and interesting the hike was.

We passed a 200+ year old oak tree the firefighters managed to save from the devastating Station Fire.  The first part of the hike was dry and “moonscape-esque”.  Pretty soon, however, things started to green up and we saw a ton of waist and chest high chaparral that has grown over the burned out trees.

The trail started to slope downward and we were suddenly at the bottom of a ravine with a lovely rivulet of water gurgled along- pooling in some areas, cascading over small boulders in others.  As a native of dry Southern California, I find the sound and sight of running water irresistible.

Our group was awesome with a wide range of ages and temperaments.  I hear we might tackle St. Lukens, next.  Details of upcoming hikes will be posted to Montrose Patch and 365 Things To Do in Glendale in Facebook.  I personally invite you to come along- it is fantastic way to start your weekend!

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