La Crescenta

We have heard and read different stories of the origin of the name La Crescenta. Some tell the tale of the romantic Spanish lovers who, many moons ago, watched the sliver crescent sink behind the Verdugo Hills; others say that the name came from the fact the Valley forms a crescent around the base of the mountains.

Around 1890, a hotel was built on Michigan Avenue (now known as Foothill Boulevard) on the northwest corner of Foothill and Rosemont. It became the La Crescenta Hotel. Guests came from all parts of the world to this hotel. (This became a shopping center in 1964; stores included Food Giant, Thrifty and Builders Emporium). The second hotel was the Fairmont, just north of Foothill Boulevard. These two hotels were for some time the only mountain resorts close to Los Angeles, and many distinguished guests came for rest and relaxation.

Southern California Edison provided electric street lights in 1913. In 1923, Southern California Gas Company began laying gas lines, and by 1933 there were 2,800 meters. The Southern California Telephone Company provided local service in 1925.

Prior to 1925, an organization known as the La Crescenta Improvement Association was formed. This consisted of about 15 men. La Crescenta Chamber of Commerce replaced this early organization and was granted Articles of Incorporation by the State of California on April 13, 1925. Today, the La Crescenta Town Council is the place to go for civic minded individuals.

While all of this history is somewhat interesting, the real juice is in this article published in the LA Times a few years ago. La Crescenta is very proud of its heritage and has an active and vibrant Historical Society.

The neighborhoods in La Crescenta are best described as suburban rural. There are not a lot of sidewalks or streetlights, as befits a community that was once a mountain get-away. Variations of the ranch style home are most prevalent with a smattering of La Crescenta Rock Homes and newer built homes.

People choose La Crescenta, generally, because of the outstanding reputation of the local schools, the feeling of being out of the city and just 20 minutes from peaceful mountain views.