Amusing Glendale Home Pictures

I am in the mood for a few grins, how about you? Well, I’d tell you a couple of good knock knock jokes… or, there is the one about where telephone poles come from (pole-tree farms, get it? :-D), but this is real estate blog.

Let’s have real estate humor!

Every listing must have pictures, presumably of the home for sale. I say must, because that is an actual rule. This has posed a problem for some of my colleagues, here, in Glendale. Let’s take a look.

So… is the house for sale or the car? Maybe the trashcan? Hard to tell…

Who turned out the lights? Do the lawn decorations give you a clue as to how long this house has been on the market?

I think this was scanned from a newspaper ad… and who is the ghost in the bottom center?

Clue: a half eaten meal on the table is NOT good staging.

The dishes are clean and there is a pantry.

Carpet pad and wood scraps are included with sale.

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