Harvest Festival at Mark Keppel Elementary

Mark Kepple Harvest FestivalLong time readers know I am a huge fan of Mark Kepple Elementary School- my kids started their education there and we all think of it as our “home” school.

Part of the “Secret Sauce” of Keppel is the amazing parent support that finds ways to make things happen despite bleak economic times and dwindling government support.  Two organizations,the PTA and Make Keppel Special or MKS, work closely with an uber dedicated staff to raise funds and offer a number of extra curricular activities.  While it is true that Keppel is now a magnet for visual and performing arts – this would never have happend if not for the efforts of the staff, the PTA and MKS, before the magnet program and it’s funds were ever available.  Ok- that’s my two cents.

All of this to say- an amazing parent corps like this is going to throw a wackin’ good party with the Harvest festival.  And, boy howdy- did they ever!  This was an extremely well run event with a literal army of volunteers- parents, alumni and a large number of police and fire personel.  The Kepple Drill team performed (precious!) and the DJ spun music that hurt my middle aged ears.  I am sure it was good stuff.

I had planned to drop off some notepads at the booth I sponsored- but would up staying for a couple of hours visiting with old friends (like Mrs. Zierhut!) and dropping piles of tickets on unsuspecting little kids.  It was a blast.

I made a video of my afternoon at Keppel- I hope you enjoy it.


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  1. Annette Fisher says:

    please tell me who dj’d the event. he was awesome!

    • Kendyl Young says:

      Contact the Keppel staff at 818) 244-2113. I am sure they can help you. That DJ is AMAZING with the kids- and I had a great time, as well. He has been at the last couple of festivals.

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