Life in the Canyons

People who live in the canyons LOVE the canyons. They love being surrounded by nature- trees, hills, deer and red tailed hawk are your constant companions- not an occasional treat. Living here it is hard to remember that downtown Glendale is just a moment away.

In the Chevy Chase canyon the people tend to be a bit older- mature families and very young retireds- this is also where career minded executives might chose to live. Chevy Chase Country Club and Golf Course has been around forever- lending ambiance and amenities for the population described. Education and income tends to be higher, but this does not mean that prices are high.



Glenmore Canyon has a larger flat bottom and, therefore, it has homes with flat backyards more attractive to families. Glenmore Canyon is closer to the “Newly Wed or Nearly Dead” population with the oldsters who can here to raise a family getting into their eighties and new families with young kids coming for the park and the school.

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