A Landmark Glendale Home

Oh, Chilluns!  I saw the most elegant, grown up Glendale Home today!  You know this house- it is right where Cleveland meets Mountain and it is just a few doors from Brand Park.

This house has not been on the market in 50 years and we have all been curious, since the owners have been working on this home, non-stop, for some two or three years.  Before the pretty, let me share the stats: 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, 4231 sf of living space and 26,640 of land.  List Price is $2,100,000.  Yawza.

Everything about this house is perfection.  Floor plan, room sizes, condition, backyard.  Remodeling is perfect- all new but it feels vintage.  The yard is divided into thirds- entertaining, pool and relaxation and it is all lovely and private.

Let’s start with the entry.  I must point out that this is an identical entry to Edie Beale’s home at Grey Gardens.  Ok, this entry might be larger and grander… but can’t you see Edie prancing around with the American Flag?  End the table is in the same place…

Ok, here is genteel front room vs the manly wood paneled den. This, my friends, is THE original man cave.

This is the large backyard. Really well dressed and circumspect people belong here, sipping mimosas.

Here is a link to the whole listing where you can see all the pictures, but I warn you. No picture can really do this home justice. It is not the details that will “get you” on this house. It is the overwhelming feeling of quality and perfection that envelopes you like a warm hug that will make you say- “Here’s my check book. When can I move in?”

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