The Tiki Gods Live at 1811 Niodrara

The Tiki Gods of GlendaleDo you remember when the Brady Bunch went to Hawaii?  Remember the Curse of the Tiki God?  When the Brady Bunch came home they missed Encino and came over to 1811 Niodrara in the Verdugo Woodlands here in Glendale.

This mid-century lovely is set amongst the oaks on one of the loveliest streets in town.  On a recent Facebook conversation, Niodrara was mention numerous times as people’s most favorite street.  Airy rooms feature walls of glass and natural materials echo the beauty of nature outside.  Every room flows effortlessly to the next.

But enough about the house.  You want to know about the Tiki Gods.  Ok, first off, here is a 15 second video about the Tiki Bar in the Family Room.  Ok, now here is an equally short bit about the Tiki God at the entrance. Isn’t that fun?

By the way- I am shooting these tiny bits of film throughout out the Broker’s Caravan. If you’d like to tag along and see the houses, follow me at @kendyl on Twitter!

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