Meet DIGGS- Cool People. Cool Homes.

Team 3R (fav)


We Are Not Like The Others

We are DIGGS, where cool people come together with cool homes.  We live by some really simple principles.

Good Enough, Isn’t.

We Work Together As One.

Be Good To People

Have Fun.

That’s it!  We do some pretty awesome work for some pretty awesome people by just following those ideas.

So, who are the cool people at DIGGS and what do they do for you?


Kendyl RoundedKendyl Young is the Founder, Owner and the Visionary for DIGGS.  Kendyl is an unapologetic tech geek who proudly sports a not entirely useful Apple Watch, is slightly OCD about details that matter, and loves to laugh.  Mostly at herself.  She has been selling homes for over 27 years and is the DIGGS listing specialist.  Her goal is to meticulously train a whole team of Realtors who take the client’s needs as seriously as she does. Meet Kendyl


Simone RoundedSimone Caragao is the Business Manager.  She is in charge of paperwork, logistics, light bulbs and the sanity of our clients.  She is the one most likely to answer the phone and the one most likely to tell you everything is ok, it is all handled.  She has years of Real Estate experience and an unflappable demeanor- until someone pushes the situation too far.  Let’s just say, you really want to have Simone on YOUR side.


Carin RoundedCarin Hoffman specializes in helping our buyers. Her free spirit and creative mind set you at ease- no question is too small and no request is over-looked when Carin is by your side.  Carin has a background in television casting and production- and we all know, here in LA, that production people can do anything.  She has an indomitable can-do spirit – no one can make things happen like Carin can. Meet Carin


Soo Round HeadshotSoo Lee is a buyer’s specialist and our resident keeper of Brightness.  Soo is a former restauranteur in the hip Downtown LA area- she knows how to set you at ease and find out what really matters to you. Soo is native to New York – she might look like she is all sweetness and light, but watch out!  She’s a really tough cookie and sharp negotiator. Meet Soo


Hana OshimaHana Oshima is our marketing guru and event coordinator.  She is a logistic wizard with coordinating people, vendors and time.  I’ve actually never seen anything like it. Hana is also the gal who executes all of our electronic marketing- she is nearly as technical as I am!  Hana lives the DIGGS Motto, “Good Enough, Isn’t” and I’ve already seen her go the extra mile for our clients time and time again.


Stan 2 Rounded Head ShotStan Young is co-owner of DIGGS and our all around go to guy.  Married to Kendyl and responsible for making her into the Spoiled Princess that she is, Stan applies that same level of thoughtful help to all of the DIGGS clients.  He is the one at your side during inspections or the guy delivering your keys or a crucial bit of paper.  If there is blank, he fills it, if there is a need he meets it.  Every gal wishes she had a Stan, but every DIGGS client actually gets him.  For a little while, at least.


DIGGS Homes- Creative, Unparalleled Marketing

We believe every home has a special story to tell.  We use creative marketing to bring out the very best in each home and to attract the largest number of qualified buyers.

Gorgeous Architectural Photography

Even the simplest home glows under the watchful and artistic eye of the DIGGS photographer.  Our High Definition system highlights the best in your home, inside and out.

front ext web


Your Home in 3D

Every DIGGS home is shot in cutting edge 3D.  Viewable on every device, computer or mobile, our 3D scans is like Google Street view for your home.  View a doll house view of your home then fly in and walk around- almost as if you were there in person.


Expert Advice

The DIGGS home stands out from all other homes.  They look better, smell better and feel more like a home you need to buy.  This is no accident and it all adds up to higher sales prices.  Take a look at our latest bit for our clients getting ready to sell…

DIGGS Home Buyers – Way Beyond Just Shopping

What does DIGGS do for the home buyer?

As it turns out, a whole lot. Rather than give you a few platitudes and sales slogans, here is the slide deck we use to educate our buyers from the very beginning.