Northwest Glendale

Northwest Glendale is also known as the Brand Park area, El Miradero, Cumberland Heights and Ard Eevin Highlands. The original name was simply “Glenwood”. The neighborhood includes both the 91201 and 91202 zip codes, stretching from Brand Blvd to the Burbank border.Comprised primarily of single family homes built in the 1920′s and 1930′s, Northwest Glendale is known as a quiet, bucolic area filled with young families and mature residents. I once heard a joke that we are either “newly wed or nearly dead” – a nod to the fact that this area is at once stable and mature but still brimming with life and vitality.

There are many historic and notable homes, but the best known is “Tara” at 727 W. Kenneth Rd. According to the Register of Historic Places, this home was never filmed as Tara from the classic film “Gone With the Wind”, but was the inspiration for the iconic home.

The Ard Eevin Highlands Historic District includes 87 homes in the Cumberland Heights neighborhood, almost all of which were built between the 1920s and 1940s. A portion of the proposed district lies on land developed by Dan and Arthur Campbell, brothers who were early associates of Leslie Brand. Two Campbell family homes from the turn of the 20th century are included within the boundary proposed for this district. Most of the development that led to the neighborhood we know today occurred only after the brothers began to subdivide their extensive land holdings in the 1920s.

Northwest Glendale also has a strong Homeowners Association. Less visible, but no less vocal is the Pelanconi Homeowners Association. These guys really know how to make City Hall keep to it’s word!

Take a “walking tour” via this interactive map of Northwest Glendale. Click the icons for photos, videos and relevant links.
Small town feel comes from the quaint Kenneth Village with it’s eclectic blend of beauty shops, small boutiques, pharmacy, butcher and baker. Regular events in the “Village”, like Movies in the Village and the Fall Festival make this a social hub of the neighborhood. Brand Park is also an important presence. El Miradero, or the Brand Library and Art Center is the Landmark and focal point, but the park offers something for everyone! Click here for an article I wrote sometime ago about the history and features of this amazing neighborhood resource.Underscoring the emphasis on family in Northwest Glendale is the Tri-School complex of Mark Kepple Elementary, Eleanor Toll Middle and Herbert Hoover High located steps from one another on Glenwood Rd. Designed to make life convenient for large families and to provide emotional support for the youngest children, today these three campuses work hand in hand, sharing resources and talent to the immense benefit of student, teacher and parent. Here is a review of all Glendale Schools.