Blowing Away the Myths in Glendale Real Estate

I’ve been so busy this week, I forgot to post my quirky video walk through of 553 Olmsted.  It may not be slick, but you see how the floor plan flows- and that is the one thing still photos can not do.

I had nearly 150 parties through my listing over the weekend- it was a major party!  While playing the part of hostess, I heard a number of commonly held buyer “myths” that I thought we could, and should, address.

Myth #1- No one can get a loan

Well, I hear the super jumbo loans- above one million- are tough, but that is not much of a factor in Glendale Real Estate.  Our loans are typically under $729,000 and these loans are relatively easy to do.  You need a job, good credit and 20% down payment- but this is just common sense stuff.

This is not to say we don’t hit bumps along the way- but lots of people can get loans to buy homes.

Myth#2- Most buyers have very little down payment

This is a variation of Myth #1 and equally untrue.  The vast majority of the offers I have seen this year are 25% down and more.  30% and 40% offers are amazingly common.  Since I see dozens of offers, my sample is pretty accurate.

Myth #3- Sellers will have to sell far below their asking price

OIY!  I wish that were true.  I am on my 6th offer for a delightful young couple.  Nearly every offer has been way over asking price and we’ve been shot out of the water every time.

The truth is that the “under price it and get lots of offers” strategy is becoming more and more common.  These homes sell for market value, but higher than the asking price.

Myth#4- There are lots of homes for sale

There might be lots of “For Sale” signs, but there are very few homes that are priced to sell.

There you have it- my own version of Myth Busters!

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