Mark Keppel Visual and Performance Art Magnet School

You might know that Keppel is a Magnet School- but I’ll bet you don’t know just how COOL this program really is! (unless, of course,  you have a Keppel Kid)

I had the high pleasure of interviewing Talisen Winder, Site Magnet Specialist for Keppel.  She is uncommonly well spoken and I found out some wonderful things about this program.

Like many, I thought there was a bit of the “Fame” sort of thing- you know, little prodigies busting out impromptu music and dance numbers in the halls during recess.  Hey, we’re an industry town.  That could happen.

Turns out, this magnet program is far cooler. We know that everyone learns a little differently. Some learn by hearing, others by seeing, still others with movement.  By using visual and performing arts integrated into the everyday curriculum, Keppel Kids are learning how to think, reason and problem solve at more effective level than traditional methods allow.

In my interview, Talisen gives us insight into the magnet program and tells us how the program selects its participants.  Clue: the best way is to buy a home within half a mile of Keppel.  Turns out, my new listing at 1250 Norton is within that half mile! (Open House Sunday, August 19, 2pm – 5pm)

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  1. Adrienne says:

    I love this write up (as a mother to a former Keppel Kid and now a grandmother to one) but I can not over look the misspelling of the name of the school! It is KeppEL.

  2. Kendyl Young says:

    OMG! Isn’t that embarrassing! I let the auto speller override what I thought was right. Thank you a million times over for taking the time to point that out.

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