Bank of America Offers $ Assistance to Short Sellers

Relocation Money for Short SalesHave you been thinking that a short sale is the way to move on with your life?

Is your mortgage with Bank of America?

I might have some good news for you!  Bank of America says it will provide up to $30,000 in relocation assistance to qualified mortgage holders.  You can read the details about this short sale program here.

Some of the important qualifiers are:

  1. Sales must be initiated this year
  2. Payments range from $2,500 to $30,000 and are based on factors like home value and amount owed
  3. Your loan must be owned and serviced by Bank of America
This last point is very important.  Bank of America often services (collects mortgage payments) for other mortgage holders.

If you feel stuck in your home and want to find out how to move on with your life, we need to talk.  It is not unusual to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start looking for short sale answers!

Start by calling me.  I can help.

(818) 396-7588.  Confidential.  No pressure.



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