Estate Sale in Glendale

Escrow is closing at 1973 Ashington, next week. I found the most amazing estate liquidator person, ever.

An estate liquidator helps you to empty a home of all the contents, the good, bad, valuable and everyday. The evaluate, arrange for display, advertise and run a professional garage sale. When everything is done the home is empty and the new buyers can move in.

I talked to several estate people before finding Cynthia Abernethy. They were professional and had a completely appropriate eye for profit. Each one, in turn, deemed my Mother’s home contents unprofitable. I can not tell you how emotionally draining that was.

Cynthia and her staff were very different. They understood that I needed positive, hopeful people. They have an eye toward profit, yes, but they also possess a “can do” attitude that made a hard process a little bit easier. Cynthia is no Earth Momma, but she understands how to make stuff “go away”.

Los Angeles Magazine wrote a great piece on Cynthia and the whole estate sale business in Los Angeles. It is a great read.

If you want to come to the sale, it is this Sunday. Here is a copy of Cynthia’s e-mail.

If you need her help this is her phone number 626-355-4415.

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