Selling During the Holidays

Holiday Cheer has kicked in mighty early this year, Chilluns!  Today is caravan day in Glendale- all the Realtors get together and tour the weeks new listings- and there are only two (2??!!) scheduled for today.

Are you tucked in tight for the rest of the year?  Are you thinking of selling NEXT year?

While you are running around, sprucing up for the holiday season, here are some touches that will carry you forward ointo the selling season!

  1. De-clutter
    1. You are going to clean up for that party anyway.  Instead of stuffing things under a bed, pack things in a box and toss in the garage.
  2. Smell Good
    1. Nothing says “Home” like the scents of the holiday.  Candles, potpourri and the various room scent gadgets are plentiful and cheap right now.  Stock up and use them now and into the selling season.
  3. Prepare for Guests
    1. Out of town guests are coming to stay for the holiday.  Do a little extra prep by buying pretty new bath linens and bath and bedroom accents.  The staging you do for your guest adds an extra note of panache when it is time to sell

And, just a thought, call your Realtor (that’s me, right?) now.  I can be invaluable in helping you plan for your next move.  There are things you need to handle before you are ready to take that big step.  Wouldn’t you like to have a plan?

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