It Shouldn’t be This Hard…..

strawsTime for a little more truth, this time for home sellers.  It is a pain in the rear to sell your home. It is inconvenient, hard work, and personally disconcerting.  For most, the experience of selling a home pretty much sucks. It is what many Realtors in Glendale CA would rather not talk about.

In an effort to lessen the suckage, the home owner turns to a real estate professional.  Some want guidance on price, others on preparing the home for sale.  A few have questions about the process: showings, negotiations and move dates.  Individuals have different priorities, but each wants their goals achieved in the easiest manner possible.  They want a good experience, and they want a professional they can trust to deliver that experience.

On this subject, every sales person says the same thing.  “I have your best interests in mind”. Essentially, the sales person is saying, trust me.  But I think they mistake altruistic intentions for giving great real estate.

Here’s the truth part.  “Have your best interests in mind” is more of a good intention than action plan.  Good intentions will not reduce your stress level, cut down on chaos or get you the best price and terms.  Unfortunately, good intentions is as far as the majority of real estate professionals ever get.

At DIGGS we know it takes more than well-meaning and good intentions to deliver a great experience.  We listen to what you want.  We set up a comprehensive strategy to help you get it.  We then use our considerable experience to eliminate pain and hassle before it ever happens.  Our goal is to give you a great real estate transaction, but how do we express that in a meaningful way?

A marketing guru said, “Where you come first, always”. This is a lovely sentiment, but, if you heard that from a salesperson, would you believe it?

A power agent in Chicago said, “we deliver a better real estate experience”.  A lot closer to our truth, but I wonder if that phrase means anything to someone who last sold a home in 1962?  How can that person know what a “better real estate experience” might be?

Perhaps there is no way to express this value in a simple catch phrase, but I will continue to try. It is the foundation of what we do here, at DIGGS.

In the meanwhile, we will demonstrate our commitment to “giving great real estate” with our marketing, our writings and our actions.  We are confident you will see a difference.

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  1. Kendyl; you are right on the money here…. it’s not about the big flashy object it is about doing it right 🙂 kudos to you for putting it out there!

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