Selling Glendale Homes: 10 Questions You Should Ask

After 25 years of selling Glendale Homes I can predict with some confidence what a homeowner wants to know.  However, I thought you might like to know what questions I think a savvy home owner should ask when choosing a Realtor to sell their home.

Here are the Top Ten Questions that homeowners should ask their potential Realtor and WHY.

  1. How long have you been a Realtor and how does your experience help me? There is no way around this point.  Experience matters.  Is your escrow smooth or rocky?  Did the original agreement stick or change? Did you close on time or did you close at all?  A Realtor with experience is invaluable in today’s challenging environment.
  2. What is your commission and why are you worth it? Everyone wants to know how much it costs, but I encourage you to think about the value a Realtor brings to a homeowner.  The skill a Realtor brings will make a significant impact on your final net- will it be a positive impact or a negative one?
  3. What is your most effective marketing technique? There a number of ways to answer this question, but be on the look out for a strategy– not just a recitation of marketing activities.
  4. How do you help me avoid surprises? Surprises are only good if they come in a blue Tiffany’s box.  In a real estate transaction, they almost always cost money. Most homeowners are completely unaware how complicated the average home sale is, and your Realtor is your best defense against an unpleasant surprise.
  5. I am a very busy person.  How do you make this more convenient? We all lead fully packed lives.  The Realtor you pick should have the knowledge, tools and experience to remove every inconvenience possible.
  6. How will you keep me informed? The number one complaint against listing agents is the failure to communicate.  Your agent should have a defined system in place to keep you informed of activity, results and changes in the marketplace.
  7. Have you ever been sued or had a grievance file against you? No one ever asks this question, and yet I think it is crucial when picking an individual to represent (probably) your largest financial asset.  Of course, a truly bad Realtor will simply lie, so you might want to check with the local Association of Realtors.
  8. How much of your business is repeat and referral? This seems like an obvious question, but again, it is rarely asked.  Someone who has repeat and referral business (and sells a significant number of homes each year) is probably delivering great value.
  9. You have a lot of signs out there.  Are you too busy to take care of me? A seller should know how their needs will be addressed.  If the listing agent is not a hands on sort of person, then what tools and resources are in place to help the seller?
  10. Why is an agent’s reputation important to the sale of my home? It is simple math, really.  One agent, no matter how talented or connected, has access to a fairly finite pool of buyers.  If your listing agent has a great reputation with other Realtors, the pool of likely buyers expands exponentially.

Are there any question you would have asked?  What are they?  Think a little deeper- what are you really trying to find out?  I would love to know your thoughts!


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