Should I Sell Now or Wait?

Do You Feel Lucky?

Tell me what the future holds…

“Prediction is difficult, especially about the future”

Niels Bohr

A common question is, “should I sell now or wait until _________?”

In an article about Price, I mentioned the idea that an analysis of sales trends, over time, can predict price.  I showed you how that is not true.

An academic will tell you that, by watching those same blasted trends, you can predict when and where a neighborhood will rise, or fall, in value.  Again, practical experience shows that is not true!  No one can tell what will happen to the economy, the inventory or even your own personal circumstance.

Any one of those factors can have a significant impact on your actual sales price, up or down.  If you are looking far enough in the future, even your price range becomes difficult to predict.

It comes down to a gamble.  Do you think the influences will be in your favor or against at that future date?

No one can know….. so, do you feel lucky, kid?  Do you?

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