Where Would I Go?

There are 99 single family homes for sale.

That is 99 homes in a city with nearly 200,000 residents and 72,000 households.  Last month, we sold 83 homes.

So, when I say it is a good time to sell, you can see I am not giving you “hype”.  I really mean it.

Why is the inventory so low?

Because everyone is asking the same question you are.  “Where would I go?”

The core of this question reflects where we are as a society- things aren’t too bad at the moment, but we are insecure about the future and afraid that any change might lead to unmitigated disaster.

And, for most, this is the most reasonable attitude to take.

After all, if the house works, why change?

However, some of you really need to change how and where you live.  Life happens- jobs, household size, marital status, health, parents, kids… a lot can change and sometimes that means our house should change, too.

We know we should change, but we are stopped.  Where will we go?

I invite you to think about this differently.

I think you should ask, instead, “How will my life change if I did go?”

If you sold your current house and made that change, up or down or somewhere else, what would that do for you?  Less stress?  More money to spend?  More time to be with loved ones?  More convenience in your life style?  A better environment for your family?  How would your kids feel?  Would you be able to change how you work?

Concentrate on WHY you want to move.

Once you become clear on that, call me and I will help you figure out HOW.



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