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NestAt DIGGS, we love all things energy efficient and all things iRelated.

Our current new love for our Glendale CA homes is the NEST Thermostat.  It is the first step in creating that home, smart home (instead of home, sweet home- get it?)  It is a smart thermostat that learns your heating and cooling habits- both during the day and throughout the seasons.  The best part?  This amazing technology only costs $249.

Most people leave the house at one temperature and forget to change it. So Nest learns your schedule, programs itself and can be controlled from your phone. Teach it well and Nest can lower your heating and cooling bills up to 20%.

There are no buttons, no programs, no complicated instruction manuals.  Turn the dial up or down, as you need for comfort.  Within a week, Nest will adjust itself to suit your personal lifestyle!

Going away for a weekend or a vacation? The Auto Away setting will automatically adjust to the most energy efficient temperature.  Returning earlier than expected?  Control your Nest from your iPhone from miles away to make sure your home is a comfortable temperature by the time you arrive.

The iPad app will show you just how well you are doing in energy savings.  Change the temperature from 68 degrees to 70 degrees and, the next day, check to see  how much money you saved in energy costs and why.

Nest claims the average homeowner sees a 20% savings in their heating and cooling bill.

We are so impressed we are giving one to each of our qualifying buyers and sellers at close of escrow.  The Nest embodies everything we value you at DIGGS- technology used to make lives easier and better.

Not ready to buy or sell, but still want the Nest for your home?  Here is a convenient link:


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