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"Best of" Blog PostsThere is a lot of great content here, at Kendyl’s Open House.  I thought it might be useful to give you a periodic round up of the most popular and practical posts. If you like it- share it!  I am guessing someone you know would love something here.

Fun in Glendale

A Day in Northwest Glendale  When you think  about buying a home, you inevitably wonder what life will be like, living there. This article is dense with links and information to eats, shops and fun in Northwest Glendale.

Glendale Pho Company I love to eat.  This is the latest in my periodic series of local restaurant reviews.

How To…

How to Buy a House This is not an article about how to get pre qualified for a loan or shop for a house.  It is practical tips for how to avoid making a huge, whopping mistake.

Home Appraisal Tips Appraisals are one of the major sticking points in today’s real estate transactions.  How do you prepare yourself for a successful appraisal?

Should I Sell My House? There are plenty of people who have a choice- they can sell their home or stay put.  Common wisdom would advise, “stay put- it is a terrible time to sell!”  Is this really the best advice?

Why Buying and Selling a Home is Like Flying  I have travel quite a bit these last few weeks.  I find parallels in the art of traveling and in changing homes.

Is the Home Sold or Not?  If a house is “sold”, why is the for sale sign still out front and why is the Realtor holding an open house?  This article tries to explain the meaning of “sold”.

A Penny Pinchers Guide to Home Staging Not everyone has the option of hiring a professional stager.  This practical guide tells you how to maximize your budget when it comes to getting your home ready for market.

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