New Listings, La Canada- Oh, Pretty!

Today was a banner day for pretty, pretty listings in La Canada.

3820 Domal Lane Straight up… this home made every fiber in my soul thrum with excitement.  It is a piece of art that I reacted to on a deep and visceral level.  It is feudal Japanese war lord meets refined Mid Century modern- and, unfortunately, Chilluns, it can not be photographed properly.  You just have to see it.  Anyone got a few million sitting around?

1219 Journey’s End–  Yes, this is the very same Journey’s End that I shamelessly promoted a few weeks ago.  The price has changed, and isn’t it wacky that a $355,000 price change isn’t that noticeable?  This home is so unapologetically Gatsby I had to post it again!  It deserves to be admired and cherished for as long as these pictures are public.

5147 Oakwood is for the more convenience minded.  Located close to town for those who need to dash out at all hours for a quart of milk or a cup of sugar, this is a home just made for gracious living and entertaining.


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