Spanish Masterpiece in La Canada by Architect John Winford Byers

The winner, by a huge landslide, in the “coolest house of the week” in La Canada is Shannon Cistulli’s listing at 5305 Harter Lane in La Canada Flintridge.


That is pretty much all I can say with out insinuating a rude word.  Seriously. Romantic, stunning, private, lush, authentic everything- it is amazing.  Whoever gets to buy this home is beyond lucky because in this market comparable sales matter.  When the market is going well buyers will ignore the recent sales and they will buy for the home’s intrinsic value (a value that is more emotional).

This home is so emotionally compelling that even in this market I predict the buyer will pay more than the bricks, mortar and dirt are “worth”.   You simply must- hear me, MUST- click on the pictures.

[idx-listing mlsnumber=”12150777″]

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